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What educators are saying

“This show had tremendous impact on our students evidenced by the students talking about their own dental hygiene … Incorporating the use of our students and staff as actors in the play kept the interest of our young audience for the full hour and one half!”

“It was like watching a live version of Blue’s Clues combined with Sesame Street with my own children, a real theatrical event!”

“If your school has the opportunity to have the ‘Don’t Forget to Brush Your Teeth’ program visit I would highly recommend it.”

“The interactive and professional nature of this program was outstanding.”

“I truly believe that students have a lasting memory of the day that will serve them well for a long time to come.”

“Throughout the presentation, the students were thoroughly engaged and to this day, still refer to some of the characters in the presentation and to the good habits of dental health.”

“DFTBYT brought their highly engaging dramatic and musical production to St. Mary School. They received an overwhelming response from the more than 105 Kindergarten through grade 3 students who formed their rapt audience.  This experience was professionally handled from beginning to end!  The involvement of the students and staff as actors fully engaged the audience and drove home the vital messages of proactive dental care, and the equally important issue of answering questions and addressing concerns about a visit to the dentist … Students notes of appreciation, ‘thank you’ pictures and class letters captured the energy of the show and demonstrated their retention of the important, embedded messages.”


“Fabulous!!!” – John Crocco, Director of Education for the Niagara Catholic District School Board

“When I agreed to be a participant school I couldn’t have dreamed of the calibre of programming provided.  Over the years, our school has paid theatre performers hundreds of dollars to perform a variety of plays, which paled in comparison to the show that you provided.  Your performance in itself inoculated primary students with the ability to advocate and act in the best interests of their own oral hygiene.”

“The presentation was fabulous! The elaborate sets and thoroughly engaging interactive segments certainly provided an opportunity for our students to get involved and learn about the importance of good dental hygiene in a fun way.”


“I would highly recommend this excellent program … it not only presents valuable lessons to the students, but also has had the impact of having those lessons remain with the students weeks after the program.  A number of parents, with children in various grades told me that their children came home from school sharing what they had learned after the presentation that day and the children now want to make healthy eating choices.  I believe that all schools would benefit from your program and is my hope that you are able to continue to spread your message to others.”

“Bravo to you and your team and thank you for going beyond the normal parameters of your careers to make a unique impact on the lives of others.”

“It is my belief that you have a valuable asset that needs to be supported by our community partners and shared with every young person in Niagara and beyond.  Better yet, it meets and exceeds the requirements for students from grades 1-3 as outlined in the Ontario Curriculum for Health and Physical Education.  The education of our young people about appropriate oral hygiene and nutrition will have an exceptional impact on the quality of life in Niagara. The potential positive economic impact on the health system and the pocketbooks of families is only a small bonus, compared to the huge benefits to individuals who are physically healthy because they understand the importance of the relationship between good Dental hygiene and proper nutrition.”

“Unprecedented!” – Wes Hahn, Superintendent of Education for the District School Board of Niagara

“I am writing today to recommend to you a recent interactive educational programme that visited my school.  I must say, that upon arrival of her team, and set up of our gym, the magnitude of the presentation was beyond my expectations.  I would highly recommend the continuation of this programme in all schools.  And most importantly, the presentation sent a very clear message to the students in regards to dental health.”

“Thank you for offering this amazing interactive dental education program for the students at St. Ann Catholic School.  Please know that your hard work and all of your efforts are making a difference to the numerous children who enjoyed your program.  You are giving the children the knowledge that they will be able to take with them for their entire lives. Please come back to St. Ann Catholic School again.

“Much to our surprise when we entered the gymnasium it had been transformed into a wonderland of the mouth! The students were the focus of the activity as the well choreographed performance unfolded around them.  From the moment it started the students (as well as the adults in the audience) were actively engaged.  Not only were they the audience, but they were actively participating in an adventure to not only stop, but educate, “SWEET TOOTH”, the villain of your action adventure.  What a brilliant concept.”